Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New LE is here!

So the new LE collection is almost here!
Today, we got our LE chain and pendant (everyone who bought something from the last collection received a LE bag with the chain and pendant in front of their closets) and now we also got something new in our spoilers!

(Click to enlarge)
So, this is the outfit with the LE clothes that are coming to Starplaza very soon!
To be honest, I think Stardoll should have made a better job with these clothes...


John said...

I agree with you Mario, Stardoll shouls have made a better job with the LE clothes.


Baileygirl1212 said...

Yes, they should have done a way better job, but I have to say I love the tights.!

Lauren said...

I like the clothes but that's a horrid outfit they made lol

Halmonkey3 said...

I think that I will like this collection, but I agree with Lauren that the outfit they made is very bad.

AnecDitz said...

honestly.. i just peeked at the entire collection at stardoll insiders, and i am TOTALLY disappointed. i've been topping off my account every few days and practically selling my SOUL to save money.
i think there's like MAYBE 6 things i'll commit to buying - that is if i get there on time.
most of the stuff is SO FUGLY. stardoll is getting lazy.. 6 items that are really 3 but with different colors? come on. and that 3 piece suit is WHOREANUS

The one you least expect said...

It's kinda boring.