Friday, September 25, 2009

New Hot Buys Identification!


It's Friday afternoon (Europe)
New HotBuys are here and I died.
They're so amazing!!
So me and Alex are identifying them right now.
We'll find as much as we can.
New items will come soon :)

Thanks to Lauren for the dress!

Thanks to Seen on Stardoll for the skirt!

Thanks to Baileygirl1212 for the top!


Lauren said...

I know some more. The dress that's purple, black etc. It's Alexander McQueen dress from Resort 2010 :)

Catarinaa said...

Lauren made a designe with that dress

Baileygirl1212 said...

I'm actually doing this too. lmao
But the black ankle boots are Marc Jacobs I believe

Baileygirl1212 said...

Mario you can use some of the pics from my blog if you want. I'm still uploading some.

Mario said...

Thanks for telling me, omg I knew that bag was LV!! :D
And btw I checked the Marc Jacob ones, I don't really think they're the same. They are similar though.

Baileygirl1212 said...
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Baileygirl1212 said...

You're welcome and the correct picture for the boots is up on my blog, they're Marc Jacobs Fall 2009

beautiiful.x3 said...

I believe this hotbuys jacket is from Topshop :)


Real life:

Nojarama said...

Haha i'm really happy the LV head piece is coming.

Wylie said...

I really love that polk a dot Marc Jacobs dress!

Mario- did you get my email about my idea that could be easier than the second model? I hate to bother you on your blog but I was just wondering!

arna-rut said...

freaking hell, that topshop cross body bag is the one i was thinking bout buying like, 4 days ago or something o_O

Maddieee said...

in love with the new hotbuysss
stardolls shure working hard on this one

мιѕвιмвαѕтιℓσѕα said...

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