Saturday, October 3, 2009

Alice in Versaceland


I just loved Donatella's inspiration for this season's collection!
And I love the collection even more!
I was planning to do few graphics with looks from the newest show, but unfortunately I got too busy with school this week (and probably next week as well) so I will just post the one I made.

Dress, Hair and Shoes are made by me!

*NOTE* Click to zoom


Halmonkey3 said...

The dress has left me speechless!

Catarinaa said...

Amazing ! One word is enouf

Vasia28 said...




Wylie said...

The details are stunning! Stunning! That made me like the colelction more!

Hey Mario, we really need the last pieces I asked you for. Please/ Sorry to bother you here. Thank you!

Maddieee said...

how the hell do you do that?
lmao, ahmazing as alwayyys

Emilie Van Lust said...

Have you seen the handbags Donatella Versace has made (Or is in the process of making)? It's designed by children from the Starlight Children's Foundation. The bag looks so cute it has the little kid's drawings on it but it still looks chic. I'll look one up for you it's called Versace Art Unites bag and it sells for $250. It was for charity, and I must say I'm proud of Donatella.

thatgirlsophy said...

omg i LOVE versace too! its so funny because i was trying to make this same dress in stardesign and i failed misserably..LOL
maybe you have inspired me to try again ;)

Mario said...

I really hope I did! xD
Omg you better make this dress, if it turns out good I'll be the first one to buy it :D
And Emilie, please find the bag, I would love to make it if I have time! :)

Keirapril said...

Aaah! All of your graphics are fab, Mario! Really love the dress <3 x

Wylie said...

I actually just read an article on the totes in W. They are not supposed to come out until October. They have a sample in W though, I could take a picture if you wanted?

Wylie said...

Sorry to blog stalk you!
Read your mail, it is not about the graphics... I had an amazing idea though!

user. said...

Wow! Gorgeous!

мιѕвιмвαѕтιℓσѕα said...

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