Saturday, November 21, 2009

Swarovski Dream

First of all, I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOO sorry for not posting for more than a month!
I totally got stuck into school and everything and I couldn't leave that until I got all As at school :D
Well now I am more free and I have time to do more things on the computer.
You maybe noticed, Marcela started posting for the Stardoll Magazine again, and she asked me to do graphics for her posts.
I agreed of course, because she is an amazing girl who needs to make her posts even more attractive with Stardoll graphics ;)
First she posted Mel's interview with the pictures I posted some time ago on my blog, and yesterday she posted about Swarovski crystals.
This is what I did for her. I must say I really love the makeup I did! xD

Here is the link of Marcela's post for the Stardoll Magazine.
Thanks to Marcela for the opportunity, once again :)


Alice in Wonderland said...

Those lashes are stunning!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the make up, the mouth is kind of weird though

Nojarama said...

Holy Moly!
Awesome job!

Fatimuchi said...

Wow! :D It's amazing :]

Brigitte said...

OH my God of Swarovski!

Mario, you are awesome!

|`Dei said...

I bet you can make any person's doll look like a goddess xP

I always love your designs, as well as Alice's

Keep up the good work ;D

Applead said...


Fayasi said...

Blue eyes are such a cliche.
Maybe you should focus on the beauty of brown eyes (natural for slightly brown people) more.
And those eyebrows..Come on,thin eyebrows look cheap and everybody knows :O
The lips & make up look great though.

Уαsмıиe♥ said...

Eurgh, jealous.

Stef! ★ / Faita_14 said...

I love the lips, Good Job! :)