Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There is a new designer in town!

And this week's designer is.. Gucci!
You can get these pants in no time, and you know you want them for your doll!

All you have to do to buy these gorgeous pants is go to my Stardoll profile and get the pants by doing this:

"If you would like to order a pair of the Gucci inspired pants that are sold today, please leave a message in my guestbook with a request. If you are chosen as one of the lucky people who own a pair, you will be sold the pants as soon as possible."

Time is expiring! These pants won't last forever!
So go and get your pair now!


Lilaaa said...

Oh my god... what the hell is that...

Anonymous said...

I agreeeee with lila! Like seriously dude, you're so messed up.

Chloe - Toxxic.Angel said...

I like them.. they are interesting :D:D and abstract!