Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The New Project

Oh-kayy, a little Stardoll news!! *finally*
My very good friend Maria (Mimi_Mami) is throwing a biig BIIG party tonight, of course at her guestbook!! *stardoll parties are back!!*
I made the invitation so I have to post it here!

*NOTE* Click to zoom

Date: 29.06.2010 *TODAY!!!*
Time: 7pm GMT
Place: Mimi_Mami's guestbook
Dress Code: The Bold Story

In case you don't get the dress code, see the outfit. Big, colorful with a segment in the outfit that leaves people speechless! *make sure they don't stop talking for the rest of their life*

Aaaanywayyy, BE THERE!!!! ♥


PapaPaparazzi/Bart said...

I think I'll be there. It's 8PM for Holland.

Anonymous said...

the proportions are so strange! her upper body is too long, her arms are too long, the hands too small and the fuck is going on between her legs?!

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

UUu cool.. i havent been on Stardoll for years!! I think i still maybe have account...but i can't remamber it lol...
Anyway, great invitation!

Mario said...

In case you want to know, that body is from i-dressup.com
I edited it to have Stardoll's skin because I don't like their quality. You can send them a mail and yell at them for the propositions :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, blame someone else (: say in the post that the body was by i-dressup, as at the moment it says in the post that you made the invite, which means you made everything which obviously isn't true ;)

Mario said...

It means that I made the invite but where did you read that I state that I made everything by myself?

☼Chloe☼ said...

love it! just bit thin XD

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