Friday, September 10, 2010

Best of the Best - Fall 2010

And before we start off with Spring 2011, I can't pass Fall 2011 without giving it a little recognition.
We all know how things in fashion go - a season is over, we all think there were too little fabulous shows.
6 months later, next season is about to start and we finally fall in love with many shows from the last season.
Well that's exactly what happened between me and Fall 2010.
I usually like the Spring/Summer season better, mostly because it's filled with tons of colors, fantastic light fabrics and beautifully cut dresses and shirts.
But although Fall usually falls flat with it's dark colors and brown camel coats, I found many inspiring shows in this Fall 2010 that are everything but ordinary.

Let's start the countdown!

#5 - Michael Kors

Before I start with the more unique and avantgarde shows from Fall 2010, I'd like to give recognition to the designer who I really disliked until few seasons ago. He has always been one of the tackiest designers in my eyes - but all that changed when I saw his Fall 2009 collection. Two seasons later, we've come to the Fall 2011 collection which is absolutely breathtaking. It's incredible how simplicity can create magic on the runway.
The collection had everything a woman needs in the cold winter days - from the over sized coats, to the warm wool sweaters and knee-length boots. Let's not forget the fantastic scarves, Russian inspired hats and long sequined dresses who would take your breath away - on the runway, but off it as well.

#4 - Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs knows a trend when he sees one - and this season was no exception. A simple deal between Marc and Miuccia turned the fashion world upside down with a simple slogan - "Let's bring the 60s back!"
Along with bringing the clothes from those times, Marc also brought something else with the collection - the supermodels. Big legends like Jessica Stam, Coco Rocha, Angela Lindvall and Elle Macpherson walked down the runway, showing off their real-woman curves in full skirts, tight bust dresses and show stopping shoes. On top of that, Marc showed us a big collection of cute Louis Vuitton monogram purses, especially designed to fit this season's theme. Smart, no?

#3 - D&G

Since Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana aren't planning on changing the theme of their Dolce&Gabbana shows anytime soon, I have to feature the brand that plays with fashion trends the most - and that is of course their more affordable brand D&G.
This Fall, the talented duo decided to take their customer for a ski ride, but definitely not on some cheap mountain - it's Aspen all the way for the woman that purchases these garments!
Designing for a sports loving 20-30 year old girl, they sent their models on the runway fully prepared for some fun in ski jumpsuits, warm over sized sweaters, maxi dresses and of course - this Fall's main trend, the fur boots.
Someone might ask - what's so special about this collection? The special is - no one goes this far when it comes to creating complete luxury for a woman other than these two leaders in the fashion world. You don't see Dolce&Gabbana crystal encrusted goggles very often, do you?

#2 - Miu Miu

I can't do a list of best shows without giving credit to one of the most talented fashion designers, maintaining her status in this industry over the years, Miuccia Prada. Since it is a rather small list, I had to choose one show from this woman - and without a doubt, my choice fell on Miu Miu.
After the incredibly interesting Spring 2010 show, Miuccia continues to stun us with more and more creativity coming out of her sleeve, this time with the Miu Miu Fall 2010 collection.
It has everything - from bold colors, usually avoided in the fall collections, to fabulously shaped mini dresses and 20s inspired shoes. Looks like Miuccia had a lot of fun creating this collection, and I am sure we all had a lot of fun watching it as well.
Pieces from the Miu Miu fall collection are being sold on Net-a-Porter, among many other online stores - go and order your favorite item right now!

#1 - Chanel

Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to show you how it's done - and you'll definitely get the number one show of the season. Putting a huge ice block specially brought from Sweden to Paris in the middle of the Grand Palais can only mean one thing - the recession days are over!
Ending one of world's most biggest crises at the time, Karl leads us to another, scarier one - global warming. All that ice turning into water in front of the audience wasn't a coincidence - it showed us how we are slowly destroying the world by doing everything we shouldn't be.
Showing clothes that are made completely out of fake fur, he tells us we should stop killing animals at last, although many people could find that a little ironic considering the fact that he has been using real fur at the house of Fendi since the day he got hired.
However, the show carries a very strong message with it, perfectly capturing everyday life with only 77 outfits sent on the runway. Fashion can be very powerful at times, don't you think?

Credit: Fall 2010 illustrations created by me.
Body used in illustrations is based on a Versace Atelier body used in one of their sketches.


Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Love it!I love it! :D Especially Miu Miu Dress

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! *-* I love Chanel dress!

Mia said...

Amazing :i

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Sofia said...

прекрасный обзор!!))

Mario said...

Спасибо :)

Anonymous said...

They are good and abstract, pero if you wanna be a fashion designer you'll need to be more creative and create your own designs.

Mario said...

Honey, this is a post about best 5 collections. I DO sketch my OWN clothes as well.

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Great!! Love it!

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