Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Fashion Show

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I had my first fashion show less than 2 weeks ago called "Recycle yourself - who said recycled can't look good?"
And of course I promised more pictures, and here is another post with full photos and of course some stories about my first experience with fashion shows.

12:00 - Hair

"The hair was very simple - a high sleek straight ponytail with a lot of shine"

Of course, since we didn't have a big budgeted project with a huge hair&makeup team, we had to do alternatives which required a whole day, but definitely paid off. Hair started at 12:00pm, with girls going to the hair studio 2 by 2 every half an hour. Not being able to stay out throughout the whole day I left around 12:30 to get ready at home and continue with preparations.

A makeup disaster

And like every other fashion show, last minute problems appear. I got a call around 1pm from my makeup artist saying how the models should actually go to her studio before the show in order to get their makeup done because she won't be able to bring her makeup kits with her to our building that we got as backstage. DEAD. So I had to call all models to make a new schedule for makeup, diving them 2 by 2 again starting from 3pm to get their makeup done.

A hair disaster

And just when I thought that everything wa sorted out, I got a call from my models manager saying how she stopped by the hair studio to check on the models and saw that the hairstylist isn't doing what he is supposed to do. Apparently he was doing wedding buns and "chic braided hairstyles". DEAD x2. I told her to tell him to re-do the girls that were present and to continue with the ponytails. I wanted to see the hairs he had done before first in order to decide whether they needed to be changed.

15:00 - Makeup

"What I had in mind about the makeup was strong smokey eyes featuring bold colors - a perfect opposite to the simple sleek hair"

You're what?!

Makeup started off quite nice, with all the models showing up 10 minutes earlier in order not to be late and cause more trouble in the schedule. But of course more problems have to appear, and of course one of them was models not showing up. I got a phonecall from the hairstylist saying that 2 of the girls didn't go to hair. I called them both, and of course got the most amazing reply I could get - Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sick and I can not come. HEART ATTACK. Thank god it sorted all out eventually, the hard way of course, with one girl being changed and one outfit not being shown at all.

18:30 - Backstage preparations

Backstage was chaotic - just like expected. The adrenaline was rushing through my veins while I was dressing up the girls and literally making last minute modifications 5 minutes before the show. Huge thanks to my assistant who helped the girls get the right hats and jewelry on.

20:00 - The show

"The show was only 10 minutes late - which is a huge success!"

Around 8:05pm we had our final lineup with the girls and in 5 minutes the show finally began. Just to note that it was an outdoor fashion show (huge thanks to our mayor who allowed us to turn the city square and fountain into a fantastic runway for the show). When the remix of Rolling in the Deep started, I knew it was time to start the show.

Oh.My.God! My first show, and it went perfect. The soundtrack for the models was finished, the lights went off. Now comes The edge of glory by Lady Gaga, and of course the finale.

How else can I express my feelings when I stepped on that runway to take my bow than with the Rachel Zoe words - I DIE. I always knew that this is what I want to end up doing my whole life, but after my first show there is nothing in the world that can change my mind considering my career.

"This is where I belong. Taking a bow after creating a fantastic collection. And that is exactly what I am going to do until the day I am gone.


Gabby1822 said...

I'm so happy for you and that you're making making your dreams come true! Congratz on your show;so inspired by you Mario!! :)

Gabby1822 said...

I'm so happy for you and that you're making making your dreams come true! Congratz on your show;so inspired by you Mario!! :)

alex said...

Looks like it was a huge success! (:

alexbaby_98 said...

You're truly amazing.

To_Royal said...

That is so awesome *-*

I am happy for you :>

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Jimmy said...

Awesome! :) I am sure it went very well.

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Anonymous said...

Dude ....

You've got a lot of studying to do

Anonymous said...

First . . . . the make-up

so unprofessional

Chic and Bubbly said...

I loved the one with the white top,flower skirt+white earrings. Such a fun outfit! :) said...


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