Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mario Dodovski Fall/Winter 2011/12 - Ad Campaign

And of course I am awfully late with it, but I did it! (finally)
The plan of course was to have more shots but time kind of screwed me up because of things that happened last week so I settled down on this one only. I need to start working on spring quickly, otherwise I'm going to be super late with it as well.
The ad contunues the story I started with the collection - the romantic life backstage of performers during circus era. I constructed a lovely circus room, put on the most iconinc pieces of my collection and viola - here are the results!

*NOTE* Click to zoom

Photography: Mario Dodovski
Models: Magdalena Frackowiak & Olga Sherer
Styling: Mario Dodovski

I would love to hear your opinions on it in the comment box.


Seasonalhotbuys said...
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Anonymous said...

Stunning :)

Chic and Bubbly said...

Can I have one of each of everything?...dresses, shoes, handbags! I think you are brilliant!

Andreas said...

Interesting articles. Thank you

Simply Von' said...

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Anonymous said...

I like this picture, it has an atmosphere really strange but strange in a good way, ... I mean, it's both, cold and warm because the girls look like statues. But it's really elegant and graceful and I love all the colors, items and clothes.

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