Thursday, January 24, 2013

Menswear Wrap-up

It's the end of Menswear Fashion Week (everywhere) and Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week as well. And of course I haven't posted anything in a month and feel terrible about it, so why not try and make it up for you! First of all, I am working on a new collection and second, I will present you my top collections from the Menswear F/W 2013 Fashion Week.

What: Fendi
Why I love it: An extremely beautiful graphic collection, following the womenswear S/S 2013 one. I love the colors, the beautifully shaped coats and all the fur. Call me tacky, but I'd carry those fur bags, I'd warm my hands in the fur handwarmers and even wear those fur boots! (Chanel F/W 2010, it's your fault)
Craving: The yellow coat present above.

What: Valentino
Why I love it: A very serious, maybe a bit one-note collection, but definitely beautifully executed and sharp. Love the tailoring, all the male clutches (I did not just say that), the fur details and the leather panels on all the jackets. Also gorgeous styling, a step forward from the usual Valentino shows.
Craving: The gray cape with black leather panels.

What: Burberry Prorsum
Why I love it: Whatever Bailey produces for Burberry Prorsum, it is going to end on my best-shows list. The only difference between shows is the degree of craving the items presented. Although I've seen much more interesting work in the previous seasons, I do love this collection because of the subtle animal prints (yes, I started liking animal prints this season, they're everywhere), the fun heart printed pieces, sexy messenger bags and classic military coats.
Craving: The leopard printed sunglasses. They're so gonna be a must-have!

What: Gucci
Why I love it: Another beautiful collection by Frida. Like Burberry, Gucci always ends up on my list because it is definitely my style. Classic, sexy and trendy clothes spiced up with bright colors and houndstooth prints. Loved the chunky sweaters, all the bags and evening wear.
Craving: The leather bag pictured above. 

What: Salvatore Ferragamo
Why I love it: A new edgy mood I've never felt before at Ferragamo, I must say I am pleasantly surprised. I loved all the leather pieces, accessories as well as the sweaters. The coats were perfection as always. 
Craving: The insanely beautiful gray cape from above. I never knew I wanted a cape but there you go, I want a cape. BADLY.

What: Louis Vuitton
Why I love it: A wise man once said - If you want to know the real me, look into my closet (okay I totally made that up, but it sounds better when said like that). The Louis Vuitton collection is everything I need in my closet - starting with the coats, the pants, all the sweaters, bomber jackets, parkas and everything in between. I also found the silk flower printed suits and robes at the end magnificent. If I had this I would never buy clothes again. (okay, lying)
Craving: The answer to this would be everything, but let's settle down for the striped poncho with a fur-lined hat.

What were your favorite shows?
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Anonymous said...

Ennio Capasa за Costume National. Прва колекција која ја погледнав.

Не ги пратам машките ревии особено многу. Повеќе внимание обрнувам на женските колекции, но од време на време знам да залутам и кон овие, особено оние чии дизајнери и модни куќи се едни од моите омилени. :)

Силна и претставителна колекција надополнета кожа во изобилство и цврст бајкерски стил. Шапки и крој карактеристичен за брендот.
Колекција со одличен избор на капути! Не можеш да не ги сакаш.

Mario said...

Се согласувам, не е целосно мој стил меѓутоа некои од парчињата се навистина фантастични, посебно капутите. Обожавам дебела зимска облекa! :)

LILY said...

Odličen členok!
Posebno mi se dopagja komentarot ispod Dolce & Gabbana slikata so čipkanite fustani.

Shachi Sharma said...
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