Monday, May 4, 2009

Anyone interested?

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting a lot lately, I have been busy with school! :)
Anyway, I saw that my ss membership ended today and I am so pissed off. Unfortunately, I can't buy codes from Macedonia and I can't buy my own ss membership.
I would just like to say that I have old DKNY and RC items that I could sale for codes.
Also, I make banners, magazine covers and virtual designs for magazine for codes!
So, please, if you can help me, contact me, whether it's through this comment box or dollmail!
My username is dodence_bt
Bye! :)


Gabrielle said...
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Adrija88 said...

Hmm..Sorry I haven't got one ;p

vampire_ said...

I can give you 30sd codes + month superstar for some DKNY items or RC :)
Contact me in private
Username - vampire_