Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eurovision Spirit

Hey everyone!
Sorry for posting this little, school keeps me busy! It's the end of the year and I have to study like crazy! :D
Anyway, it's Eurovision days... I have to say I love Eurovision! There are always amazing songs and many, many new hits to listen to! I also love watching it and of course - voting!
This year, these are my favorite songs:

-Norway (Alexander Rybak - Fairytale),
-Romania (Elena Gheorghe - The Balkan Girls),
-Finland (Waldo's People - Lose Control),
-Croatia (Igor Cukrov - Ljepa Tena)
-Malta (Chiara - What If We)
-Turkey (Hadise - Dum Tek Tek)
-Sweden (Malena Ernman - La Voix)
Since I haven't made any new graphics lately, I decided to make Jóhanna!
I saw that Arna made a post yesterday about people to vote for
Jóhanna and I think she's definitely right! The song is beyond amazing and she's only 18 years old!

*NOTE* Click to zoom

If you haven't heard the song, here is a youtube link:

So tell me, do you like the graphic?
Also, who are your favorite songs?

Please leave a comment in the comment box! :)


Miartini said...

I hope that Norway wins (Fairytale, repeat, 24/7, love violins)..and I really like the graphic, amazing job Mario, once again.

Vnvi said...

WOOO!I love it ;o
Go Yohanna! ;D

arna-rut said...


Claire said...

Nice graphic, the song though, I think is a litte to soft for my taste. But she's very good for her age!

Brigitte said...

She is the best! :D

Is it true <3 <3

Lettie97 said...

I hope Britain wins :P

Bffsml<3 said...

yeey Alex won!<3

dodence_bt said...

I knooooow!
I am making his face right now! :D:D
He's coming very soon on the blog!

VampLady said...

mwah.,.. I have already made a design with his song, and my doll is holding Norwegian flag! and I think he won most votes in eurovision history

Lila - xxhappiixx said...

The Norway dude has some kind of wild animal laying above his eyes..

arna-rut said...

I'm actually glad Iceland came second not first, let's just face the fact Iceland wouldn't have enough money to host eurovision, we came in 2nd place and we broke out record on how many points we got.. we got over 200 but Selma who landed second place in 1999(exacly 10 years ago - strange huh?) didn't reach 200.. AND we were in first place in the semi-finals!

and mario, i heard Macedonia was in 10th place, exacly where some country was voted by the judges.. so close =[ but you guys did amazing!

dodence_bt said...

Yeah, Macedonia was usually 10th or 9th all the time.. now that the judge picks the 10th country we never get in! :D

funky_ana said...

LoL Mario,you like Lijepa Tena.
Even it's from my country,I think song isn't good and melody of song was stolen. >.<

Fayasi said...

Oooo.The rybakgorilla dude sucks.

gwennabe_me said...

proud to be norwegian<3 Alexander Rybak won!

dodence_bt said...

Yeah Fay, not everyone has good taste in music! xD

arna-rut said...

my dad promised to take me to norway all the time when i was younger, so now im gonna make him have to :L

Nojarama said...


thestardollinsiders said...

lol I'd have to say Hadise is my favourite, since she's from Belgium (even though she sings for Turkey :P)
But her song is much better on the radio than live at Eurovision :P
Glad she made it to number 4 :)

lla123456789 said...

awww thanks so much for putting lijepa tena in your favorites,i am so like IN LOVe with igor cukrov :)

Santa Claus said...

lool, 19th place xD
uhm, I really liked Finland's song, but it got last place *dull*