Sunday, July 19, 2009

Glamour Magazine's Second Issue

It's finally here!

This is the official invitation for Glamour Magazine's second issue release party!
The party will be tomorrow (Monday), in Dodence_bt's guestbook.

*NOTE* Click to zoom

PS. I am so proud of the invitation, this is one of my best works so far :P
PS2. Everyone who has a blog or a club please post the invitation. It's important for many people to come! :)


Stef! ★ said...

What's the link of the mag?
BTW.. i will post it in my blog :)

rousha54321 said...

Wow!, the invite's amazing!! Did you draw the shoe?? I love it!

arna-rut said...

thin heel :O i remember i tried one of those thin high ones.. and i fell like 5 times, and it was in an open shop at the mall. hahaha

nicely done btw :D

breathless.magazine said...

I can't wait, its such a fantastic magazine
and your Graphics are beyond incredible.

Lauren said...

OMG! I have to miss it :[
Australia... have a great time! Can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Hey i put it on my blog hey i was wondering can i be a stylist for your magazine please!!! or any good position available my style is great!

Halmonkey3 said...

I didn't realize you had created the shoe from scratch. It is amazing work Mario! And I'm so excited for the party :)

Anonymous said...

just to say, sorry I didn't put up the invitation! I just got on this evening and so when I saw it, the party had already started. A few hours xP
so next time, send it earlier! xP
hope it was a hit! but I don't really doubt it.

Mario said...

It's okay, sorry to bother you! :D
And I guess it was xD

Anonymous said...

love the shoe !!! i wanted to go but i didnt know wich time it was in holland sorry =D

Anonymous said...

this shoe is from Miu Miu.