Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Trendsetter!

I've known this girl, cule.biber for a while, and she's a really nice girl. But most of all, she got the style!
When I visited today I was stunned by the masterpiece she made!
The shoes are just gorgeous!!!

*NOTE* Click to zoom

I definitely think these shoes are going to become a big Stardoll trend because they're stunning!
Maria's outfits are always simple and stunning! Everything you will find in her wardrobe is gray sale or red. Her style is killing!

PS. Everyone who also wears these shoes please send me a nickname, I would love to make a post about Stardoll trends :)


Anonymous said...

it is a copy of Cltreanor , I saught this shoes on her medoll a month ago ....


Sarah_Sugerplum said...

Yea cltreanor has done that for a while now..

Christy said...

has done it for a while now
i think she's one of the pioneers of this trend

mayeeshasam said...

I also make shoes like that wearing to together. I really love mixing and matching the clothes with bright and colorful accessories. Sometimes I also use simple things to match it up with my outfit! My Stardoll username is: mayeeshasam you are welcome to visit me anytime. But please leave a message in my guestbook that you came and visited me!


Anonymous said...


start this trend like 1 month ago i post that on my blog it wasn't really a trend that time but it looks that know it can be a really good one when they started i post about that because it was difrent

Anonymous said...

Not that special...
Actually not unique at all!

Fashion-Inspire said...

Cltreanor has actually been doing these for months now, so this girl has possibly been copying her..