Thursday, February 11, 2010

McQueen Editorial Love

I mean seriously, I knew they would be successful but not this much!
Magazine Issues from February and March have featured the McQueen Spring 2010 shoes in editorials.
I have to say Me Loves!!
I have always loved the shoes anyway.

R.I.P Maestro.
You will always be in our hearts.


Nojarama said...

He died this morning...

Adrija88 said...

McQueen ? :o

Mario said...

I know, when I heard that I couldn't stop crying for 15 minutes.
It's insane how he would take his life like that.

Nojarama said...

It's fate i guess..i just don't think god should've taken such talent so soon..

arna-rut said...

those shoes freak me out :(