Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ralph Rucci Fall 2010

Totally unexpected.
It was a very beautiful collection and I enjoyed looking at every piece of clothing from the show.

Ooh la la Outfit:

Idk why I love this so much, maybe because I'm a huge fan of feathers (they look gorgeous) or maybe because of the lovely shape of this cocktail dress.

Wtf Outfit:

I always say it, and I'm gonna say it again - stop doing these shapes! It's not like they're ever gonna flatter a woman's body.

Did you just copy me? Outfit:

He's lucky Alessandra's Valentino dress is made out of a sleeping bag.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha your post made me crack up laughing! So true! Those oh-so-horrible shapes will never make a woman's body look good. It'll only make her look like a huge tent!! Designers need to keep in mind the curves of a woman, and fit the pieces to accentuate the woman, making her beautiful....not looking like a balloon -_-

Love the categories u made for these posts! "oh la la," "wtf," and "did you just copy me." brilliant!

And I definitely agree with you on the first dress. Feathers add such a feminine touch. So pretty.

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