Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Haute Couture S/S '13 Review: Christian Dior

Many have welcomed Raf Simons as the new 'king of fashion' ever since he took the main job at Christian Dior. However, by trying to establish a new look for the house by repeating himself season after season, he fell flat in my eyes. His minimalistic approach in the collections feels plain, lack-luster and sometimes - ugly. For his second couture show, Simons switched things up a bit by doing a romantic garden-themed collection that got everyone's attention. And while the show as a whole was beautiful, I found the collection disastrous.

What did he try to do?

Raf's plan this season was to present an utterly romantic flower-inspired collection that was supposed to be soft and light, while evoking a certain feel of elegance. He somewhat achieved that with the way the collection was presented - from the beautiful minimalistic white garden to the short wigs and diamond lips, but when looking at the photos all a person sees is stiffness. The shapes were very boxy, some were rather ill-fitting and the fabrics felt cheap and dated. Another problem was the sea of crafty plastic flowers that looked glued to the silk tops and balloon dresses.

What would I change?

The new 3-piece-suit is simply not working, unless he's aiming for 'the Russian mafia' to be Dior's new customers. Cheap looking embellishments have to go. Less color blocking - more harmony. A fresher take on the classic black suit is needed, we've already seen enough of it in every fabric. Burn the shoes, please.
What would I keep?

The hair and makeup were absolutely beautiful, loving the new direction in the beauty department. Very fond of the crystal embellished pieces - expensive and luxurious looking. The tailored dresses and corsets. Some of the gowns towards the end are absolutely breathtaking

Favorite piece?

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eamonnogcollins said...

Oh, Mario, I agree with you 100%. His first haute couture collection for Dior was amazing, but I do believe that this collection was a total let down; it was basically a cheapened version of the collection previous.

Mario said...

Yes, definitely! I wish there was more romance in the clothes instead of just the presentation, the whole collection needed to be lifted to a higher level in order to work. Shame his clothes look so cheap, I expected higher quality than at Sander due to the bigger budget.