Friday, February 8, 2013

Haute Couture S/S '13 Review: Versace Atelier

Last season Donatella Versace made a smart move by continuing to show the Versace Atelier collections as an actual show rather than a presentation, which was her brother's ideal way of presenting clothes. This way their collections gather more publicity, and most importantly - more customers. However, by trying to attract more rich women - younger ones, judging by the clothes, she has turned the Versace house into a Barbie house - and that can never be a good thing. 

What did she try to do?

Two seasons ago, Donatella dug up her brother's archived sketches (no pun intended) from the 90s looking for inspiration, unfortunately reviving dated and rather ugly pieces that were once a hit. Baby pinks, shoulder pads, feathers and lots of bling are becoming Versace Atelier's trademark once again, however, this time without the supermodels. The S/S '13 show was no exception from this new look, as it featured all the elements mentioned, plus an addition of cheap fabrics and gold lam√©. The only high-point? Kristen McMenamy and her platinum hair opening the show.

What would I change?

Cut down on the gold and use more decent looking fabrics - the shower curtain mullet gowns towards the end need to be burned. A less obvious use of the shoulder pads. Focus more on new contemporary shapes instead of trying to make the 90s silhouettes work, it's not working. A better cast.
What would I keep?

Let's make this a short paragraph - the only items worth keeping are some of the furs and the 3 column dresses in white, black and hot pink somewhere in the middle. Suits weren't bad either.

Favorite piece?

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