Tuesday, August 27, 2013

PUSH IT Magazine - Issue 6

Another day, another piece of information.
I am leaving the big magazines to the big blogs and medias - what I am here to present today is the 6th issue of PUSH IT magazine, an online magazine whose issues are available on iPhones and iPads only and focus solely on online, mobile and tablet for the future. For those who have never heard of PUSH IT magazine before - it is an independent magazine which started off as an online site in 2008 and gradually grew into a fully-fledged magazine.

The folks at PUSH IT magazine were kind enough to compliment my blog and send me some editorial teasers, as well as this issue's cover, to feature on my blog. The cover features model Elise from Ford Models Paris and is shot by the talented photographer Sascha Heintze

Below is a selection of the main story which accompany the cover at the top of the post.
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- M

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CM said...

These photos are amazing! Love this issue! (: