Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekly Choice: "Hot on a 500$ Budget"

Today I am introducing a new weekly feature that is called "Hot on a 500$ Budget". 

Each week I will put together a stylish outfit for the US (and most of the international) market from online boutiques such as Net-a-porter, Zara, Topshop, H&M and ASOS for a budget of 500$ and less. 

I believe that this feature will help all of you fashionistas find what's new in stores and get you inspired to re-create some of the outfits shown on my blog. 

Here's to new beginnings!

"Hot on a 500$ Budget" - 27.08.2013
1. Zara satin dress w/ flower ornaments - 139$ | 2. Zara mirror clutch - 49.90$ | 3. Topshop band rings - 25$ | 4. Alexander McQueen silver ring w/ Swarovski crystals - 195$ | 5. Topshop velvet navy nail polish - 14$ | 6. ASOS suede sandals - 75.94$

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- M

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