Friday, August 30, 2013

US Open Starts - You Need to be in Sync!

Each summer, the start of US Open marks the start of a new style direction you could take in order to spice things up in your closet and have fun while playing dress-up.

1. LPD New York t-shirt - $85 | 2. Zara bag - $79.90 | 3. Warehouse ring - $13.50 | 4. Miss Selfridge booties - $120 | 5. ASOS skirt - $59.07 | 6. H0les sunglasses - $100

Here I am presenting you with a sporty outfit (not necessarily tennis, considering the t-shirt is football inspired) that will make you look like you are the champion of the season. Choose one of these gorgeous football-influenced t-shirts with designer names (Jacobs, Slimane, Miuccia and many more exclusively available on Net-a-porter) and combine it with a flouncy skirt for a touch of femininity. Open-toed booties and a bucket bag will help you toughen up the look, while the kaleidoscopic prism sunglasses (recently made popular by pop-icon Lady Gaga) will inject a pop of color into your perfect sporty outfit. 

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- M


CM said...

Love this t-shirt! <3
Great post!

Anonymous said...

I love it!