Thursday, August 29, 2013

"What to wear to work today?" - Outfit Suggestions for the Office

When you are a woman working in an office - whether you are a lawyer, a journalist or a secretary - the environment asks for a certain way of dress-code that may not be written, but is certainly important. Throughout the years there have been many debates over the 'appropriate' subject and unfortunately many young women get scolded by their bosses everyday for dressing 'inappropriately', just because no one has shown them what they should wear to the office.

For that reason, I have decided to do a post where I will show you what 'appropriate' means in the office for a summery workday and will hopefully inspire you to dress in a stylish, and yet a well behaved way.

The Pants
1. Valentino pants - $990 | 2. Miu Miu pants - $745 | 3. Etro pants - $560 | 4. Stella McCartney pants - $595

One of the most often pieces of clothing worn to the office are of course the pants. They are a popular item for two reasons: 1. they are very comfortable and 2. they give women a masculine touch, a dose of confidence and more power. There are two styles that are appropriate to the office - the ankle-length pants and the long pants. Any other length that is above the ankle may seem inappropriate and almost beach-like. Remember that the pants should always be in a neutral, preferably darker solid color.

The Skirt
1. Antonio Berardi skirt - $1,475 | 2. Altuzarra skirt - $795 | 3. Victoria Beckham skirt - $1,695 | 4. Gucci skirt - $1,200

However, not every woman likes wearing pants. There are those who feel like showing off their feminine side when in public and that is perfectly acceptable in almost any profession in the office, as long as the length of the pencil skirt is kept at the knee or below. Those of you that are more adventurous can choose a skirt that has a tasteful side-slit like the Altuzarra one shown above, or get something with architectural details for a more unique look.

The Shirt
1. Diane von Furstenberg shirt - $325 | 2. Gucci shirt - $850 | 3. Theory shirt - $245 | 4. Proenza Schouler shirt - $715

The only acceptable top that can be worn to the office would be the shirt. Shirts help you create a very professional, clean and sleek look while still feeling comfortable. Instead of picking a classic white or black shirt, pick a semi-sheer shirt with pleats like the white DVF one shown above; or if going for a more elegant look make sure you choose a silk shirt in a pastel color or something with a micro print.

The Jacket
1. Victoria Beckham cape jacket - $3,395 | 2. Preen Line blazer - $640 | 3. Chloe blazer - $1,695

Now that you have the idea of how simple the top and bottom of your outfit should be, the jacket could get a lot more adventurous, depending on your personal style. (The jacket can be taken off whenever it might seem inappropriate) Choose between a cape jacket in black color like Victoria Beckham's, a tailored blazer with a muted animal print or a cropped tuxedo jacket in a snow-white color.

The Dress

1. Donna Karan dress - $1,995 | 2. Roksanda Ilincic dress - $1,585 | 3. Antonio Berardi dress - $2,130 | 4. Victoria Beckham dress - $2,115

Very often you might feel like wearing a dress to work and be the woman that you truly are, which is again, perfectly acceptable as long as you own the right type of dress. Just like the skirt, the dress should have a pencil-shape and its length mustn't be above the knee. Try to always go for muted colors like navy, gray or black as so you don't look too festive - however, don't be afraid to sometimes incorporate a little color into your office-style by choosing a dress in a summery hue like the mint-green Roksanda Ilincic dress shown above.

The Bag
1. Fendi "2Jours" bag - $2,260 | 2. Victoria Beckham "Liberty" tote - $1,350 | Saint Laurent "Sac du Jour" bag - $2,950

There are no strict rules when it comes to bags, but I am sure that each one of you likes to carry one that is big enough to fit all the papers from work, your iPad and the obligatory make-up kit. I suggest you always go for a medium sized bag that is just right for all the necessary items, has very little to no shiny hardware and remains its anonymity as opposed to bags with noticeable designer logos.

The Shoes
1. Jimmy Choo shoes - $575 | 2. Saint Laurent shoes - $645 | 3. Chloe shoes - $795 | Christian Louboutin shoes - $1,245

I am sure that many of you often get tired of wearing high heels, but showing up in flats to the office may seem rather inappropriate. For that reason you should own several pairs of shoes with different heels, varying from three to five inches the most, and preferably no visible platform. Remember that the classic patent leather heels in black are a must-have for the office.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to leave your comments in the comment box below!

- M

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