Saturday, February 9, 2013

Haute Couture S/S '13 Review: Armani Privé

When it comes to Giorgio Armani and his shows, there is this interesting phenomenon I've noticed: his ready-to-wear shows are almost never themed, while his couture opens up a different magical world each season. The reason for that might be that safety-net I discussed few posts ago, to make sure his company makes profit. And while the RTW shows are always a snooze-fest, couture gets me very excited. This season was no exception, as Mr. Armani presented us a Middle East fairy tale like we've never seen before.

What did he try to do?

Whatever was on his mind - translated perfectly well on the runway. We saw a variety of silk gazar pieces in rich warm colors such as orange, yellow and red who were just a sweet addition to the sea of neutral-colored outfits. The models strut down the runway wearing queen-resembling headpieces that made them look like they were in charge. The standard Armani silhouettes were turned up a notch by being adorned with lots of embellishments and colorful prints splattered over rough silk. And for evening wear, we got the dose of glamour desperately needed around Awards season.

What would I change?

There's not much on the list: there were a few gray printed pieces towards the middle that ruined the glamorous feel of the collection. The wigs could have been less greasy looking - that was a rather distracting part. Armani definitely needs stronger casts.
What would I keep?

The voluminous oriental-printed gowns were to-die-for. A lot of sharp-looking tailored pantsuits that made the collection even stronger. The headpieces - including the makeup, were a definite high-point of the show and brought the couture drama. Evening wear was impeccable as always.

Favorite look?

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LILY said...

Love the creamy outfit in the first picture!
I would alao keep the make up!

Elen Ellis said...

Armani is very chic!! love!
Visit my blog too, new post up!
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Let me know dear

Ilvana Alikadic Deljkic said...

Just lovely collection <3 would you like to follow each other?